Report For:
Date: Mon 29 Dec
Time: 1:00 - 9:00 USA Eastern Time
Server Type: Apache/1.3.26

Performance Summary
Event Your Server's
Host Ping * 1528.53 millisec
DNS Look Up 0.06 sec 0.35 sec 23
Connect Time 0.27 sec 0.84 sec 23
Download Time (10k file) 0.66 sec 0.89 sec 23
Timeouts 0 -  

Host Ping: Indicates the network speed between your server and ours.
DNS Look Up: Indicates the time required to look up your server's address in the DNS database.
Connect Time: The time required to open a network connection to your server.
Download Time (10k file): The time which would be required to download a 10k file from your server.
Number of Timeouts: The number of times your server failed to respond within 30 seconds.
Percentile: The percentage of server's tested by our robot which ranked below your server.

Your server does not seem to be running a ping daemon.

Time Plot
The chart above shows the time required for your server to transfer a 10k size file.

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